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Ati2dvag Blue Screen with Infinite Loop Error -- Fixed

Ati2dvag Blue Screen with Infinite Loop Error -- Fixed!

By: ArticleWritingClicks.com
ati2dvag blue screen crashIt usually comes out of the blue (screen...) for those whom are getting this ati2dvag blue screen crash accompanied by a ‘juicy’ Infinite Loop error. There are so many threads and posts dealing with this issue, so allow me to clarify several points and eventually show you how it can be fixed.
Yep, indeed ati2dvag indicates that something went wrong with your ATI graphic driver. But this might not be the only problem as I’ll explain soon…
For many users this problem takes place while restarting their PC or while trying to run one of their 'graphic' applications. Sometimes Windows might even indicate that the display driver has stopped working properly.
Is the whole blame on the ATI driver…?
Now before you blame the ATI graphic driver for being the only one responsible to this problem, there’s something else that I found out.
In many situations in addition to the ATI driver, other problematic drivers might also be causing this ati2dvag blue screen error. Examples? Defective motherboard / Windows system drivers.
What went wrong?
Have you upgraded your Windows system lately? In many situations such upgrade might leave your old platform’s drivers together with your new Windows platform and that is a known recipe to trouble…
Other common possibilities include drivers that got corrupted (due to malware infection as one example); or using obsolete or incompatible drivers.
How to get it fixed
You need to detect and replace all your problematic drivers, especially the ‘graphics’ related ones.
However , don’t do that manually!
I’ve seen too many users downloading the wrong driver packages or doing this improperly and then come up with additional problems.
In order to do that safely and precisely:
(1) Download and install this drivers repair tool
(2) Run a quick drivers diagnostic scan
(3) See which drivers are indicated as problematic
(4) Replace those drivers, one by one
(5) Restart your PC
I’m quite confident that your ATI driver is going to be on that list - am I right…?
Just post your comment below and let me know.
Let’s see to how many of you, the cause to that ati2dvag blue screen wasn’t just the ATI driver. Feel free to indicate which other drivers you had to replace before it solved your problem.
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Windows crashes right after restart?
If you can’t install this drivers repair tool due to the crash:
(1) Restart your PC and immediately hold down the F8 key and wait…
(2) Select ‘Safe Mode’
(3) Download and install the drivers repair tool
(4) Follow steps 1-5 as explained above
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