Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Multiple Tips in Windows 7

Managing Your Windows: Windows 7 simplifies document and program
Multiple Tips in Windows 7
Managing Your Windows:
Windows 7 simplifies document and program management by allowing you to “dock” a w ndow or manipulate its size with one mouse maneuver or a simple keystroke. To dock your window on one half of the screen, drag it to the left or right and it will change its size to fit that half of the screen. To manipulate the vertical size of a window, drag the window to the top to maximize it, or double-click the window’s top or bottom border to maximize it vertically while keeping the s ame width.
You can also perform all of these functions with keystrokes:
windows key+Left Arrow and +Right Arrow dock to half the screen
windows key+Up Arrow and +Down Arrow maximize and minimize
windows key+Shift +Up Arrow and +Shift +Down Arrow maximize and restore vertical size.
Aero Peek Your Desktop:
A lesser-known versatile tool introduced with Windows 7 is the Windows® Aero feature, “Aero Peek”. Just click the rectangle in the lower right hand cor er of the task bar for quick access to your desktop.
The keyboard shortcut windows key+Space perform the same function.

Live Clutter-Free:
We live with enough clutter in our lives. Windows 7 gets rid of all the superfluous windows behind your active window. Just hit windows key+Home to minimize all inactive windows. To restore the windows when youÂ’d like th em, just press windows key+Home again.
Put a “Pin Up” of the Folders You Use Most
Windows® 7 allows you to “pin up” the folders you use most on your taskbar. Simply hold your mouse ver the favorite folder, right click, and drag it onto the taskbar. Windows 7 automatically pins itself to the Explorer Jump List. To open the folder, right click on the Explorer icon and select the folder you want.

Order and Reason for Your Taskbar:
You can decide the order that your icons show up in your taskbar by simply dragging them to the order you desire. And for the first five icons, you can launch them with a simple keystroke: Any of the first five icons can be opened by pressing windows key+1, windows key+2, etc.
Taskbar Traversing:
While weÂ’re on the subject of taskbar shortcuts, use windows key+T to shift your attention to the taskbar. Your machine will make its active screen your taskbar menu, and you can use the arrow keys to select the application youÂ’re interested in. Just it Enter to launch it Naturally, to exit this trick, press Esc.
Unveil Your Hidden Drives:
Want to see the drives that arenÂ’t currently in use when you open My Computer? To displ ay empty drives, click computer → Alt to see the toolbar → Tools → Folder Options → View (tab) → Uncheck “Hide empty drives in the computer folder.” And they magically appear!

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