Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Necessity Of Water Crystals

Necessity Of Water Crystals

Author: Craig Pedro

Having houseplants in offices and homes is the ideal way of beautifying your environment and embracing nature. However, there are many considerations you will have to bear in mind when opting for house plants. Be it flowers, vegetables, shrubs or trees, you need to take care of them properly. There is a high level of maintenance to preserve these house plants within the house or office environment. The biggest challenge is the watering of the plants within the house. Usually, indoor plants struggle to growly healthily in the absence of proper watering conditions. Therefore, experts and enthusiasts alike explored the option to facilitate indoor plants and flowers growing vigorously by using the Hydroponic solution of  water crystals.

It is essential to understand the methodology behind water crystals. They are a certain form of hydro-culture for growing indoor plants. It is used for the maintenance of indoor plants and for keeping indoor plants fresh and healthy by managing their daily requirements. It is also known as crystal mud, crystal soil, water gel, plant gel and by other names.


The basic function of the crystals is to facilitate the healthy and vigorous growth of plants by providing them with the basic conditions for growth.

>> It keeps the vases and pots mildew free. It absorbs water and releases it as and when the plants require it.

>> It avoids water wastage and ensures plants do not get overwatered. Over watering is perhaps the biggest killer of pot and container grown plants.

>> One of the biggest incentive for using them is they are reusable as you only need to place them in water and they will absorb the water and expand to their original size.

>> Water crystals can be used for decorative purposes as they come in different colours and can match the interior of your home or office. They are also used for floating candle centerpieces.

>> Because soil is no longer necessary, you avoid flies and other insects which soils attract as well as the bacteria which are harmful to plants.

Overall, these crystals are ideal for indoor plants as well as cut flowers. They are functional as well as aesthetic and supply necessary water to the roots. It reduces or alleviates the problem of irrigation and water supply.

There are different varieties and sizes to choose from as per your requirements and demands. Moreover, you can easily find them online. CrystalSoil.com is considered to be one of the best online stores to get your desired water crystals at affordable prices.

Having houseplants in offices and homes is the ideal way of beautifying your environment and embracing nature.

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