Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pc Health Advisor Free License Key ? Look What I found...

Pc Health Advisor Free License Key ? Look What I found...


PC Health Advisor License Key
For anyone interested in getting Paretologic’s PC Health Advisor license key, I suggest you to read what I’ve found after I purchased it. It is important for me to tell others what it is all about and if it can really help in fixing PC problems and other Windows glitches. I found something really interesting about it…I’ll tell you about that later.

I guess that you probably experience some kind of error(s) with your PC/Windows, whether it is an error message or maybe other general Windows problem, and you’ve probably heard that this tool can help you to fix that.
When I happened to come across that irritating dll error, I searched the web for a solution; there was a flood of information and tons of suggestions: “do this…”, “edit that registry record…”, “replace that file…”, come on people, I’m not a computer savvy and I’m not going to do all that, it sounds too risky…
Too risky from one hand and too expensive for a PC technician to repair from the other hand, I called one of my buddies who told me that he can try fixing that dll error, but he gently implied that he prefers to avoid that so if something goes wrong, I won’t be blaming him for that...
He suggested me to try and get a reliable errors repair tool and mentioned a few including Paretologic’s PCHA. I’ve installed it, ran a scan, it detected a bunch of dll errors. At that point it asked me for a license in order to repair those errors.
Anyway, I found someone on Facebook who gave me the following serial key:
It worked for me in the beginning, but after a while it got expired (you can try it on your machine, maybe it’ll work for you without expiring…)
Next I got a valid PC Health Advisor license key and it really fixed that problem, but that wasn’t the point that I wanted to tell you about…
The point was that it detected something else, a much worse problem that I didn’t even know about – a Malware (Malicious Software) that resides on my PC…(Where was my anti-virus program when I needed it?) it removed it immediately.
Warning! - don’t waste your time trying to find a free PCHA license, there isn’t such thing…and if so, it is probably illegal and might get you into trouble. (Getting a valid PC Health Advisor license key costs ‘peanuts’ and they provide free support for any problem that their tool hasn’t been able to repair).

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