Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shopping Cart, E-Commerce

Shopping Cart, E-Commerce

Author: Pradeep Kumar

What is a shoppinga cart? A Website designed for making a Online store basically, the shopping cart is a complete software product  that acts as an online store's catalog and ordering process. Software contain a series of scripts that keep track of items and a visitor picks to buy from your site until they proceed to the checkout from shopping cart. The main feature of the shopping carts to handle the whole financial transaction as well as Order details, Customer details from CMS, shopping carts may be your best choice for effective and  total marketing solutions, containing options to run affiliate programs and the ability to send sequential pre-defined messages to clients and leads.. Users can make online payment and review for the products for payment related information regarding credit/debit cards  details which passes information via a secure connection to a payment gateway.  Payment gateway services is complete package responsible for financial transaction which is attached from a merchant account with your bank, which confirms the payment for approval or disapproval to the shopping cart software . The shopping cart is one of the most important parts to having a smooth eCommerce transition. Typically, a shopping cart is the interface between a company's Web site and its deeper infrastructure, allowing consumers to select merchandise; review what they have selected; make necessary modifications or additions; and purchase the merchandise.

Your Shopping Cart Features :
  • Inventory tracking

  • Payment gateway compitable

  • Credit/Debit cards Payment

  • Sales tax calculation

  • Stationery creation / management

  • Set Pre-defined messages

  • Reviews and wish lists.
Making decision for New Website owners is now simple. The people who wants  to make a shopping cart website is not an easy step to take  decision about the proper channel and the vendors who can make these work at a low cost with the complete websites requirements, but now not to worry about it because Brainwise Inoftech provides  complete web Solution for all these hassling process of making decision is now over because we have developed various shopping card websites according to the client requirements.  We consider your requirements first and then use the best and effective methods for their implementation, but it needs to proper communication with you and our professionals to implement all requirement of websites.   In the world of Web Technology there are thousands of shopping cart website packages available on Internet and No Doubt there is various options to choose the proper vendors as well as products it’s quality and many more. We can download various free software products also that may be useful for us but some time people also take wrong turn by looking various attractive Offer and products, which results comes as a virus and slow pc. So I would like to suggest that any web application you goes to download that must be verified and authentic portals that gives guaranteed and Virus Free Products. But people don’t think about all these things by getting the offer of  Free Web Products. I hope that if these points are kept in mind which results a little bit easier for choosing develop shopping cart and other web products.  
A Website designed for making a Online store basically, the shopping cart is a complete software product  that acts as an online store's catalog and ordering process.,-E-Commerce.html

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