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Stop 0x000000f4 0x00000003 Blue Screen Error -- Repair Guide

Stop 0x000000f4 0x00000003 Blue Screen Error -- Repair Guide!

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STOP 0x000000f4 0x00000003 blue screenStop 0x000000f4 0x00000003 blue screen error is considered as one of those rare and ‘mysterious’ Windows errors. In this quick guide I’ll explain the reasons to why it happens from the first place and provide a solution how to repair it.
Let me ask you the following question: have you installed any new hardware component lately? If the answer is YES, then 50% of the problem is solved… If you haven’t installed anything new lately, then there’s something else…
Description of the problem
The most common situation for experiencing this error is during restart (usually before the login prompt pops up) or shutdown. For some, it might happen randomly and their Windows usually automatically shuts down. In many situations this error is accompanied together with the INVALID_AFFINITY alert.
Two main reasons!
There are two main reasons that cause this Stop 0x000000f4 – it is either a hardware problem and/or a drivers problem. Installing a new hardware without verifying that the EXACT compatible drivers for that hardware are installed as well, is a sure way for having this blue screen error!
(B.t.w most blue screen errors are caused due to driver problems.)
Even if you haven’t installed any new hardware lately, it might be that one of your hardware drivers got corrupted somehow, thus causing this error.
The second reason is a defective hardware component; this might include your hard drive, motherboard, video card, memory etc.
How to repair it
I’ve seen too many users having this Stop 0x000000f4 error, spending hours and even days on unplugging and then plugging again their various hardware components (including their motherboard…) and even spending hundreds of dollars on buying new hardware just to find out that this was a drivers problem…
This is totally unnecessary!
There’s an extremely easy way to detect defective hardware drivers that cause this Stop 0x000000f4 error as well as (automatically) replacing them with updated and compatible ones.
Yes, this might eventually turn out to be a hardware problem that needs to be replaced by a new one, but in most cases this is just a simple drivers replacement issue…so I suggest you to check and repair your drivers before spending your time and money on buying new hardware.
I’ve been using this method for over a year now in order to successfully repair all kinds or driver related Windows errors.
B.T.W – if your PC won’t restart because of that crash, try to boot up via ‘Safe Mode’
(1) Restart Windows while pushing F8 key
(2) Wait until Windows enables you to select ‘Safe Mode’
(3) Let Windows upload and continue from there
More from the Author
Let me know which defective drivers were detected on your Machine!
Feel free to post (below) the problematic drivers that were detected on your machine. I’m curious (as well as everyone else…) to know which drivers you’ve replaced in order to fix this problem.
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