Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Earning money with tiny click by Oguz Kaan

As you know, internet is powerful way to reach people over the world. The system supply people connect to other people and company connect to other company. Market was created itself without forcing anything. And also its going on without forcing any more with full power by making rich some people like Google or some marketers. Because of that, traffic is everything on internet.
Accept or not, if you want to reach someone who is accurate mass with your support, you have to be easy reachable formation on internet. There are some ways to make that. One and very powerful way is PTC (Pay To Click) sites.
We try to introduce just PTC sites in this article. Those sites are used for creating web traffic with its subscribers. You can purchase some advertisements which introduce or give direct address of website in PTC sites with tiny cost like $2.00 or $5.00, and then, you can get unique visitors who wants to earn money by clicking that advertisements. After that, you can get hits with real users. Additionally, rising up to organic list on Google or other search engine sites will be side effect that is very important.
All traffic generator is used on internet, but cannot be known really working or not.
How to be tested, is it working ?
Can we know traffic status of website ?
Those questions should come to your mind. Of course, there are many sites which measure web traffic rating like Alexa and some tools can be downloaded in order to trace site day by day. On the other hand, good and powerful browser add-on can be used for testing site status. Additionally, there are some webmaster tools which can be found from Google webmaster. Webmaster tools show many details about website like location, time, amount of hits, which keywords are used more. Those tools are useful and all webmasters generally use them to follow their sites.
Briefly, PTC sites are powerful traffic generator and can be traced with that tools to check it works or not. With a minimum cost and attractive advertisement are generally useful for getting strong web traffic. However, should not be forgotten, accurate mass is important. You cannot sell pencil who is trying to find hamburger to eat. It doesn't make sense as you know. Right location, right people and right time should be calculated in order to get efficient and more profit.
Major part to note is that PTC must be honest. Unfortunately, there are many scam PTC sites on internet. They cheat their subscribers. In order to realize that scam PTC site, you should need to consider the following.
1- Payment proof
2- Landing date
3- It has to have forum and can find someone to talk
4- On site activation
Final word can be PTC sites is very important part of traffic generator system. It's easy to use and has fast response.
Recommendation:Good example about PTC site which is honest, please write Borabux on Google and try it. It is profitable, fast and very good example of reaching crowded internet organism.
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