Thursday, March 1, 2012

Politics is more difficult than physics

Kudashkina Ekaterina
1.03.2012, 10:26
Interview with retired Brigadier General Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi.
There seems to be a sort of interest at an international level also at avoiding the Pakistani civil Government worsening the military tension that appear off and on in the local media as well as in the international media. But the point is that the military fortunately is an institution, perhaps if you compare it with other Pakistani institutions, it stands very high, it is professional and it is purposeful, whereas unfortunately the political party which is in power, it carries a huge baggage of questions on which it has to answer if it has a worthwhile accountability.And it is because of that accountability effort that never occurs they pick up any issue to investigate, there is a lot of UN cries from the civil Government’s side and that is just to distract the public and they have perhaps adopted a strategy that as long as they keep pointing finger on the ISI and the military interference, they will be able to get support within the country and abroad. Within the country it matters because next year in the coming election they also need to maintain their vote-bank in which perhaps they are getting a lot of stress that they might abandon them. So, to avoid that they have carried on this political maneuver in a manner that they want to keep their credibility but unfortunately internally this Government has been perhaps the worst corrupt. So, that is an excuse they cannot justify anyway.

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