Tuesday, March 20, 2012

USS Abraham Lincoln enters Persian Gulf

20.03.2012, 12:38
Nuclear-powered USS Abraham Lincoln with its military escort has entered the Persian Gulf, after having passed through the Hormuz Straight, the US Navy press office says.The aircraft carrier is expected to replenish its stocks in one of the region’s ports.
Another aircraft carrier strike group, led by the USS Carl Vinson, is currently deployed off Iran’s south-eastern coast in the northern Arabian Sea. Previously, the USS Carl Vinson group was often backing NATO troops in Afghanistan. Yesterday, its deck-based fighters were forced to stop their training flights due to a major sandstorm.A new strike group, led by the nuclear-powered supercarrier USS Enterprise is currently approaching the Strait of Gibraltar. The unit, which includes a guided missile cruiser and three missile destroyers, will be stationed in the Mediterranean and then redeployed to the Persian Gulf to counter Iran’s attacks in case of a military conflict. The USS Enterprise is expected to spend the most part of its seven-month Middle Eastern deployment as part of the US Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain.

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