Monday, May 21, 2012

Russia – quadruple champions

Nikita Novikov
21.05.2012, 04:14
The Russian ice hockey team for the fourth time has become world champions.The main motto of the World Cup Finals in 2012 for the Russian team was; was whatever happens, do not repeat the debacle of a decade ago, when we lost to the Slovaks 3:4.
The "Underdog" of the FIFA World Cup was Slovakia under the wise eye of Vladimir Vuytek, who is well known to Russians as a member of the management of Yaroslavl’s Locomotive, set the task to get to the final eight but reached the finals of the tournament knocking out even Canada and the Czech Republic.Russia, as usual, allowed the first goal. In the second minute Chara slammed the puck past Semyon Varlamov, who surprisingly was not prepared for the attack, even though no one blocked his view and the puck did not ricochet.
Source: Voice of Russia

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