Friday, May 18, 2012

US draft defense budget envisages war with Iran – official

Margarita Bogatova
18.05.2012, 15:54
The 2013 US draft defense budget stipulates unleashing hostilities against Iran, US Congressman Dennis Kusinich told reporters in Washington on Friday. 
He said that the document includes a special declaration that envisages deploying a large number of US combat aircraft and warships to the region where a protracted military campaign may start already next year.The goal is to neutralize Iran’s nuclear and military facilities, Kusinich explained, adding that the document is currently on the table of the House of Representatives. Pavel Zolotarev, deputy head of the Moscow-based Institute for Canadian and US Studies, says, in turn,  that Washington continues to capitalize on the ongoing political chaos in some Middle East countries which was caused by outside forces’ active interference in these countries’ internal affairs.
Source: Voice of Russia

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