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What is runtime error and how to fix it, finally?

What is runtime error and how to fix it, finally?

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Man is so used to technology that without technology many things won’t have been possible. For simple calculations man opens up a calculator (mini-computer) and just types something and he gets the resulted answer. This computer needs has a device hardware in it which is not at all complete without a software which is required to drive the hardware. Without the help of this software no calculation or problem solving is possible. This software is nothing but the set of codes written in a particular programming language.
Various programming languages have evolved this day from the past 3 decades from the BASIC language to FORTRAN and many more these were mainly used for arithmetic and logical calculations. Programs are written in proper format and sequence which will led to the innumerable small modules and this will led to the design of proper code. Such a code helps in solving the real time problems. There are various instances involved when a code is developed like first finding the necessity of the program then finding out which program language will take minimum memory and will be easy to debug then developing the algorithm after that developing a pseudo-code and put it 2 various tests , later compile the code and then running or executing the code.
Now while executing code run-time errors are encountered.
What exactly is the run-time error?
The period during which the program executes is called run-time and the error which occurs within that period is called run time error.
For example, a "runtime error" is an error that happens while the program is executing. For example, if a program told you that 2 + 2 was 5000, that would be a runtime error. A memory leak, where the program sucks up excessive amounts of system memory is also a runtime error.
Run time error occurs in most of programming languages while execution and it also occurs in operating system.
Causes of run-time errors
A. Causes of run-time errors in windows:
The run-time error message can be caused by:
1) Confliction through TSR or other running program
2) Software dilemma
3) Computer Virus
4) Memory dilemma

B. Causes of run-time error in internet explorer:
One of the errors that you may possibly find is “runtime error 1004”. Runtime errors can exist by
1) It can exist via conflicts of dissimilar services; viruses or memory problems with your computer. Runtime error 1004 may be encountered while selection of Microsoft Excel.
2) Also occurs due to lack of memory of hard-disk.

Tips to resolve run-time errors:
A. Fixing run-time error in windows:
1. Install the latest updates for Windows with the program displaying the error. To learn more about this, see “how to know if the computer is updated?”
2. Report troubles so Windows be able to notify if solutions are accessible. In order to learn extra about this, see Report troubles and try for solutions involuntarily.
3. Ensure your computer for viruses, plus forever run an antivirus program. To study more in relation to this, see “how to protect my computer from virus attacks?”
4. Be sure your computer has the least quantity of random access memory (RAM) needed to run the program that is showing the error? See for the program necessities online or in the covering information. To learn more about computer memory, see “Check out your computer information.”
B. Fixing run-time error in Internet explorer:
Since this kind of error note does not relate to you, you can prevent it from appearing. To perform this, pursue this ladder in Internet Explorer:
1. Click the Tools button, with next click Internet Options.
2. Within the Internet Options dialog box, click the advanced tab.
3. Check the Disable script debugging and Disable script debugging, and then check the Display a notification about every script error check box
4. Click OK to shut the Internet Options dialog box.
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