Friday, March 1, 2013

Fabrics Matter: Revamping Pajamas For Men

Early on in life, most men do not give a second thought to what constitutes functional pajamas. Sleeping in a T-shirt and boxers or in the buff was what he did because it was the simplest and most natural thing to do. Later on in life, there comes a time when a man might decide to invest in a good pair of pajamas. Perhaps he now has children and it is a matter of covering up appropriately around the kids. Perhaps he lives a comfortable life and wants to treat himself to the luxury of the finest silk against his skin. Perhaps he lives in a climate where the temperatures plummet in the winter and staying warm requires extra effort. Consider the following different kinds of pajamas for men that are now available on the market and their pros and cons.

Full Flannel Pajamas

These are the classic style, full-coverage pajamas you often see family men wearing in the L.L.Bean catalog, Christmas edition. Their middle name is cozy. They go well with chicken noodle soup and a golden retriever at your side. Cotton flannel is known for its warmth and luxurious softness. It is a natural fiber that does not hold body odors. Cotton flannel does not stretch, making a good loose fit important. They are available in every price range and in every department store in an array of styles, colors and patterns. Although many pajama sets include a top and bottom, some men forgo the top, preferring just the pajama bottoms with a T-shirt because the top can be too warm. Whether you adopt the flannel top or not depends on the temperature of your home at night.

Fleece Pajamas

Fleece is considered a pretty new fabric technology, engineered for its superior lightness-to-warmth ratio and ability to wick away sweat and moisture. It is a synthetic fiber, so it carries a different energetic vibration than natural fibers. Usually fleece does not trap body odors the way nylons can. Fleece can attract static, but washes very conveniently. It is superiorly warm, perfect for cold climates and full coverage. The pajama pants can double as athletic pants or sweatpants.

Cotton and Cotton Blend Pajamas

Spun from America's favorite natural fiber, cotton pajamas are usually in the form of stretch knit and some are mixed with polyester for strength and economy. Because of its natural breathability and purity, 100% cotton tends to feel softer and more comfortable against the skin. Cotton pajamas are best for warm environments or for those people who run hot and overheat in some of the warmer fabrics.

Silk Pajamas

Historically, silk has been the textile of the emperors. Silk is renowned for its luxurious texture, luminous visual quality, weightlessness and sensual undertones. Do not be fooled by polyester imitations with the same look but a very different texture. Silk pajamas for men can be the equivalent of women's lingerie. They can serve as an artful way to add to the bedroom experience. Silk is a light fabric, but miraculously strong. However, it does not give or stretch, so proper fit is vital for ensuring comfort and freedom of movement.

A Good Terrycloth Bathrobe

For men who prefer to sleep in undergarments or nude, consider a bathrobe for convenient, appropriate coverage when moving around outside the bedroom.

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