Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cold spell in the Arctic: how will the climatic mechanism work?

23.04.2013, 15:59
Global warming, which is so much talked about in recent years, may be replaced by global cooling. Scientists at the Pulkovo observatory of St. Petersburg suggest that the solar activity has started to decline and the annual average temperatures on our planet will begin to decrease. The forecasts of the global cooling are far from being groundless. Could this affect the grandiose plans for the Arctic development announced by many countries?
Quite recently, experts noted that the thickness of the Arctic ice is decreasing. And journalists wrote that the impending global warming will make it possible to grow oranges in the north of Siberia. Now all of a sudden, they have started talking about the possible global cooling on Earth. But I do not think that this will happen very quickly, says Yuri Nagovitsin, deputy director of the Pulkovo Observatory:“When you put it in media terms, the task seems to be very simple: the solar activity has waned and at once the temperature has gone down. Generally, there are 6-7 climatic factors, including the lithosphere, atmosphere, ocean, and glaciers. Solar activity can also be added to these as a factor. Its contribution to climatic change is 20 percent. That is, solar activity can only trigger a climatic variation.”
Source: Voice of Russia

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