Friday, April 12, 2013

Roman London - major new finds

Brendan Cole
10.04.2013, 21:10
Archaeologists have discovered thousands of Roman artifacts - including a remarkable stash of shoes and leather items - at a site in London's financial district. They're calling the excavation one of the most important in the country ever.
VoR spoke to Michael Marshall, a Roman finds specialist who has been taking part in the dig.“It's really an opportunity for us to look at Roman London in way we haven't been able to before. I'm just fascinated by the scale of excavation, but also by the incredibly good preservation of the findings and the structures that we’ve uncovered. The sight which we're digging, Bloomberg Place, is at the heart of the present day city and also at the heart of the Roman city where the river Walbrook flowed through the city. And the fantastic thing about that for us is because the soil, where the entire archeology is, is incredibly wet, oxygen can't get to the artifacts. That means that all the metal hasn’t corroded, all the leather objects haven't rotted away.”
Source: Voice of Russia

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