Friday, April 12, 2013

Sri Lanka meteorite shows signs of alien life

12.04.2013, 09:13
Researchers in the United Kingdom have announced traces of biological entities that could point to the presence of alien life in the fragments of a meteorite.
628 fragments of the meteorite were collected from Polonnaruwa, Sri-Lanka where it fell on 29 December last year. Scientists from the British Institute in Cardiff subjected biological analysis of fragments. On the rocks are clearly visible traces of melting that are characteristic of debris passing through the Earth's atmosphere. The results showed a high content of carbonaceous organic matter. Apart from this, deeply integrated in the surrounding mineral matrix of the stone fragments were found round shaped structures, similar to fossilised algae. Scientists believe they have found the organic structures of alien origin (and are not terrestrial contaminants), as they are located deep inside the stones. Moreover, the nitrogen content in the fragments is abnormally low to be of terrestrial origin.
Source: Voice of Russia

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