Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Champion League T20 starts Today

Champions League T20 2013 Schedule

Champions League T-20 (CL T-20) cricket Tournament is going to start on September 17, 2013. Overall everyone waiting for this league to get into action and every team of champions league is waiting to show their potential in T-20 format.

First match in Champions League T-20 will be played between Otago Volts vs Faisalabad Wolves. It is a qualifier match of pool A. Faisalabad Wolves is a new team included this year in CL T-20 2013.  There are six Qualifiers in the beginning of CL T-20 2013 this year which decides the teams for this Champions league.

CLT20 2013 Qualifier Schedule

17-Sep16:0010:30Qualifying Pool 1Faisalabad Wolves vs OtagoPCA Stadium, Mohali
17-Sep20:0014:30Qualifying Pool 2Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kandurata MaroonsPCA Stadium, Mohali
18-Sep16:0010:30Qualifying Pool 1Otago vs Kandurata MaroonsPCA Stadium, Mohali
18-Sep20:0014:30Qualifying Pool 2Faisalabad Wolves vs Sunrisers HyderabadPCA Stadium, Mohali
20-Sep16:0010:30Qualifying Pool 1Faisalabad Wolves v Kandurata MaroonsPCA Stadium, Mohali
20-Sep20:0014:30Qualifying Pool 2Otago v Sunrisers HyderabadPCA Stadium, Mohali

Champions League T20 2013 Schedule

21-Sep20:0014:30Match 1Group A : Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai IndiansJaipur
22-Sep16:0010:30Match 2Group B : Brisbane Heat vs Trinidad and TobagoRanchi
22-Sep20:0014:30Match 3Group B : Chennai Super Kings vs TitansRanchi
23-Sep16:0010:30Match 4Group A : Highveld Lions vs Perth ScorchersAhmedabad
23-Sep20:0014:30Match 5Group A : Mumbai Indians vs TBCAhmedabad
24-Sep16:0010:30Match 6Group B : Titans vs Brisbane HeatMohali
24-Sep20:0014:30Match 7Group B : Trinidad and Tobago vs TBCMohali
25-Sep16:0010:30Match 8Group A : Perth Scorchers vs TBCJaipur
25-Sep20:0014:30Match 9Group A : Rajasthan Royals vs Highveld LionsJaipur
26-Sep20:0014:30Match 10Group B : Chennai Super Kings vs TBCRanchi
27-Sep20:0014:30Match 11Group A : Mumbai Indians vs Highveld LionsAhmedabad
28-Sep16:0010:30Match 12Group B : Titans vs TBCRanchi
28-Sep20:0014:30Match 13Group B : Chennai Super Kings vs Brisbane HeatRanchi
29-Sep16:0010:30Match 14Group A : Highveld Lions vs TBCJaipur
29-Sep20:0014:30Match 15Group A : Rajasthan Royals vs Perth ScorchersJaipur
30-Sep16:0010:30Match 16Group B : Titans vs Trinidad and TobagoAhmedabad
30-Sep20:0014:30Match 17Group B : Brisbane Heat vs TBCAhmedabad
1-Oct20:0014:30Match 18Group A : Rajasthan Royals vs TBCJaipur
2-Oct16:0010:30Match 19Group A : Perth Scorchers vs Mumbai IndiansDelhi
2-Oct20:0014:30Match 20Group B : Chennai Super Kings vs Trinidad and TobagoDelhi
4-Oct20:0014:301st Semi Final T20TBC vs TBCJaipur
5-Oct20:0014:302nd Semi Final T20TBC vs TBCDelhi
6-Oct20:0014:30Final T20TBC vs TBCDelhi

Note:  Faisalabad Wolves, Pakistan’s domestic Twenty-20 champions, will travel to India to take part in the Champions League T-20 after the Indian Embassy in Pakistan granted the players their visas following days of uncertainty.


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