Thursday, September 19, 2013

KP Police to be equipped with Helicopter

Peshawar:       Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police will be given first operational helicopter in November this year, which will be                                      capable of carrying 8 commandos and 2 doctors.

Talking to News Reporter on Tuesday, police officials told that the Helicopter will be used for conducting an operation in case of a major terrorist attack.

The chopper and its crew will be ready to cope with any terrorist incident and the district police officers will be able to call it at any time.

Officials told that the Helicopter could also be used as an air ambulance for taking the injured security personnel to the hospitals in case of a bomb blast or any such incident anywhere in the province.

They said that the police force will be able to give greater output with the addition of the helicopter service.

Moreover, they claimed that if they had this chopper prior to the attacks on Bannu and DI Khan jails, then the terrorists would not have succeeded in making an escape.

According to the masses of KP, it is a very brave step to bring peace in the region, and the also suggest Government to take such type of steps.

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