Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Law is a set of rules and policies that is implemented in a specific city, state or country and to be followed by the inhabitants of that place.

But local laws can also be called as a tradition. Here's a listing of some rather interesting laws which were actually passed and many are still on the books. These interesting laws are mostly implementing on the local inhabitants, because local inhabitants are interesting and stupid by themselves.


Without a license you cannot set a mousetrap for hunting of mice.

2.  Colorado

Vacuum cleaner is prohibited to give it to a neighbor in Colorado state of USA.

3.  Oklahoma

Making ugly faces at dogs, it is unlawful in Oklahoma, and after Violation the Violator can be fined, arrested and/or jailed.

4.  Maryland

Lion is such type of animal which is horrible to live with, but in past the people used to bring him to the movie theater, after passing a law on cannot bring his Pet lion to the movie theater.

5.  California

After 6 O'clock to buy an ice-cream, is unlawful without a Doctor's prescription.

6.  Indiana

After eating Garlic in Gary, persons are prohibited from attending a movie house or other theater and from  riding a public streetcar within four hours.


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