Thursday, September 26, 2013


On should give straight answer to such type of questions with “yes” or “no”, because here is flexibility to answer it as “I don’t know”. War is very dangerous word and everyone hates to hear, and that’s why one could easily deduce to answer to the question.

The 9/11 attacks on World Trade Center had introduced the world with a new phrase i.e. “War on Terror”. Several surveys show the doubts of American citizens towards the incident of 9/11. The American citizens are not sure that the incident is true such as the American media presents it. If the American citizens have doubted the incident how can they make us believe in their lies?


 “War on Terror” in general terms is actually the start of the Americans’ global campaign against the one who opposes her hegemonic strategy. Its primary purpose is to acquire enough resources to support its global leadership syndrome in view of the emerging realities. The other purpose of that event was to weaken Islam and Muslim Country and to hold them under-pressure and not to leave them to live freely. And that’s why in the current age, about in all Muslim country the economic and political situations are worst.

Historically, it is proved that in the global superpower confrontation, the weaker ones have options like “with us or without us”.

Viewed in this perspective, Pakistan does not have much option except limited and localized role in this war because of our Geo strategic location where we share common stance against terrorism for the sake of restoring peace in the region which consecutively helped us to bolster our “National Interest”. However, “War” on our own soil where small groups of preposterous miscreants seek to exploit religion to make the mainstream public hostage to their vested agenda is our own “War” that has been injected by the CIA and its affiliates through Blackwater etc. It was not laxity but people talk of open connivance of some of the functionaries of the PPP regime.

The way this war has been injected and ignited against Pakistan, there is a possibility that even after the withdrawal of US led forces; Pakistan may still be in the thick of this war. India has been and still is active against Pakistan through Afghanistan that Mian Nawaz Sharif keeps in mind before showing anxiety to normalize the relations.

How could it be somebody else’s war? They have raised weapons against the government and challenging its writ. Their malicious activities have made us suffer a lot from ineffaceable loss ranging from precious human lives to the country’s economy. Right today when the stage for talks has been set, TTP have attacked and taken out a Major General and his staff officer. After some days i.e. on 22.09.2013 a suicide attack took place in the Capital of Khyber Pakhtunka in the Minority Christian Church near Kohati Gate; under what compulsions and why needs an answer.

Despite all this bloodshed, some factions in our society are still in doubt to recognize it as “Our War”. They must think before declaring it “someone else’s war” because they will not be able to digest it if their own sons become victims of this war. It is clear that it is “our war”. But this is such type of war games which is playing on our own soil/homeland. It destroyed our economic, political and social structure. Now it is the responsibility to negotiate this issue with the miscreants by dialogue process. In this respect the Government needs to call the APC (All Parties Conference) quickly to draw an appropriate solution, and not to go worsen these bad situations.

It is a ray of hope that the new Government is keen in dialogue with the miscreants and they are in mode in bargaining position with them.

Extreme violence, social disruption, moral disgraces and economic destruction are the outcomes of warfare and if all these elements are present in any society then it should declare “WAR”. Therefore say it loud and clear, “It is a WAR and Yes! It is our WAR.”

We the Pakistani Nations need peace. Now we have declare it a “WAR” then we should responded it by war because both they are interconnected in all dimensions. The ruler of United Kingdom (during 2nd world war) Vanstone Churchill said a historic quote, “If u want peace, prepare yourself for war”. Preparation of war leads to the better strategy that ultimately results in the victory. Formulation of strategy requires priorities. The best strategy is to attack the enemy’s strategy.


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