Monday, October 14, 2013

Love Pakistan T20 Match for Peace! and Negative role of Pakistani Media about peace

No TV Channel gave courage to "Love Pakistan T20 Match for Peace at Peshawar"

After 8 long years, the Arbab Niaz Stadium of Peshawar featured a T20 cricket match in which many former and current national cricket stars of Pakistan took part. The stadium had a capacity to accommodate about 20,000 people, however more than 24000 got entry into the stadium due to the extra ordinary rush of the fans who had turned up to see their favorite cricket stars in action.

Those who could not go to the stadium had their TV remotes in their hands and were going up and down the list of TV channels in a hope to watch the match live. However, to their dismay, there was not a single national television that would broadcast this important T20 match being played for a great cause, Peace.

Whenever there is a negative incident in Peshawar or anywhere in the province, these private televisions of Pakistan do not waste a second in broadcasting that event live. No one invites them to cover that incident but still they do reach uninvited. Sometimes they even reach the place before the law enforcing authorities could, and God forbid if the law enforcing authorities stop them from coverage, these media personnel are ever ready to go into war against them. However, today when the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government took the initiative to organize a T20 match for peace, not a single channel was there to broadcast it live.

The KP government must have painstakingly arranged this T20 match in which big names of Pakistan cricket, both former and current, took part. These players took part in the match for one reason, to spread the message of peace. The crowd was holding play cards with different messages in favor of peace. However, it seems that peace is not a lucrative keyword for our media.

Geo Super, which always brags about being the first sports channel of the country and which spares no opportunity in broadcasting the Indian Premier League live, was nowhere to be seen. According to this so called Pakistani sports channel, airing a UFC match held more priority than a cricket being played for the noble cause of peace, and that too in the city of Peshawar. However, we can understand their situation as it seems broadcasting a T20 cricket match for peace was not financially feasible to this channel whose agenda is, business first.

However, PTV Sports, which is a state owned channel, also did not bother to broadcast this match. The channel was showing an old match of Pakistan versus South Africa while this important T20 match was being played at Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar. The motto of PTV has always been to show a soft image of Pakistan. But today, when a cricket match was being played in Peshawar for no other reason but to show to the world that we were a peace loving nation, PTV Sports was nowhere to been to project this soft image to the world.

The media of Pakistan is far away from development. We have a media that covers only and that too if that event will propagate more negativity and can generate breaking news. Ignoring today’s match is an example of it. Cricket is the only game that unites the whole country together, and today’s match was not just an ordinary match, it was match for a cause, to spread the message of peace. Can there be any important than Peace for Pakistan? Shame on our Media!

Some importan hihglights about the game are as below:

The match was played between Pakistan Peace XI defeated Khyber Pakhtunkhwa XI by five wickets in a peace cricket match that was played here on Sunday, SAMAA reports.
A huge crowd gathered here to see the first match that was played in the Arbab Niaz Stadium at Peshawar in last seven years.
Famous Cricketer of Pakistan and KP Shahid Afridi scored 66 runs from 19 balls. The crowd loved him and his performance.
Other famous players of Pakistan Cricket, including Imran Nazir, Abdul Razzaq, Shoaib Akhtar, Inzimamul Haq, Mohammad Yousuf, Salim Malik and Abdul Qadir also took part in the match.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and other high profile figures from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly and the ruling party attended the match in Arbab Niaz Stadium.
Salim Malik made quick half century while Afridi and Razzaq took two wickets each.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pave the way for Pakistan to recognize Israel

U.S capital Washington D.C, which is the headquarter of Dajjal (man of evil deed), in the last Ramadan an Iftar dinner was hosted by a Pakistan couple. In this dinner influential personalities from the United States, Britain and Pakistan were invited. Now one thing which I do not understand that Pakistani are Muslims and taking fastening of Ramadan also, but in the event, British and American personalities have also been invited why? Whatever is the case, one thing was unusual about this event, and the paper was published by anyone in the world did not broadcast any TV channel. By this way many people of are unaware of the conspiracy. With the help of friend news reach late but reached.

US-based friend during video call on Skype, he wanted to expose something about this event during discussion. I was nervous know the details. I asked the friend to e-mail me all the material he knows about the event, and he email me.emb copy

Usually such types of events are common in Europe and the United States holding common people who come from different religions. According to the friend, the unusual event which encountered in that event. The Chief Guest of the party was the Ambassador of U.S in Israel i.e. Michael Orion. Who has no concern with neither with Ramadan nor with Iftar dinner?  This is a very dangerous discovery. The ceremony was arranged by an American based Pakistani billionaire Riffat Mehmood. Riffat Mehmood has access anywhere in U.S or somewhere in Pakistan or other places including White House without restriction. In Pakistan he has deep relations with the leaders of each and every party, such like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. According to my friend that this event was apparently a retro party but it has a big conspiracy against Pakistan. Because in the function beside the important personalities of Pakistan some other embassy officials stationed there at embassy also participated, i.e.  representative of Pakistan Army, Defense Attaché Brigadier and other high level ranked people. During Iftar dinner Riffat Mehmood Iftar directed the photographers not make photo of the type in which Pakistani Brigadier & Israeli ambassadors standing besides each other. It is astonishing that there were journalists who were present at the event but they did not publish the news in Pakistan news papers. Why not the news were  deliver to the people of Pakistan? Perhaps they have fear of death or either they have sold their senses.

My friend told me that the presence of Israeli Ambassador in the event did not surprise me at all but after hearing Israeli ambassador's speech, hearing then I understand the purpose of the conduct of the event. My friend do not told me the whole speech but he deliver me few important points/things.

Michael Orion, Israeli ambassador said that Pakistan is an important and influential country in South Asia. For better relations between Israel and the Islamic world, the West plays a vital role, and this I can say with full confidence, that Pakistan can play an important role to build confidence  between Israel and Islamic world. Michael Orion also told on Palestine issue “fruitful dialogues are in progress and meeting with Palestinian representatives which will unveiled a comprehensive strategy soon”. It would be very fruitful to establish peace in the Middle East. And that his country, gives great preference to Pakistan in the international community. The Israeli government desires to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan, and I hope that the diplomatic relations between Israel and Pakistan very soon. It is a unique type of addressed which the Israeli Ambassador share with the Pakistani Officials.

Is Pakistan planes to recognize Israel?

The leaders of Pakistan are not Muslims?

Allah Almighty has blessed interpretation; “Oo! People, don’t make Jews and Christians your partner, they have very tight relations between them, and if you tried to make them partners then you will also count between them”. (Al-Maida, Verse-51)

If the Pakistani Government recognizes Israeli Government, then our country will come under victims of Almighty Allah always and forever.

So if something like that, the government should avoid it.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wake up Pakistan...................... Save the dignity of your Mothers, sisters, daughters


Today I am going to write, right or wrong. I realize myself excited perhaps beyond the scope of conduct. For which I am sorry in advance.

Like me, many Pakistanis feels a big shock when someone cheated once and a while someone betrayed him again. The civilian of Pakistan seems just like that. When I heard the success of Nawaz Shahrif in the May general elections my hearten was sinking and I wanted to hurt my head with mourn. This thing is a certified and true that Nawaz has take success due to rigging and fraud in the election achieve the power of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Few days ago NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) proved the rigging in election with evidences. After achieving the powers of Prime Minister work has been started on depredation projects. The people of Pakistan are well aware of the achievement of the Nawaz last regimes. I agree that the majority of the people did not vote for Muslim League (N), but no vigorous protest against rigging/fraud from public side made ​​the public as scapegoat of the Flesher. The people who were around Nawaz Shareef in his last regime have looted the country and nation with both the hands and the public remains silent.

For the second time again when he came in to power then he started auctions of the Government organizations. The public were again silent, God bless Pervez Musharraf that he was as inversely proportional to these looters and he overthrow on them.

In the Five-year regime of the People's Party, they were sitting in the Assembly as friendly opposition in the friendly opposition. It was in fact commissioned opposition. Including Zardari when the people’s party looted someone they divide equal share among themselves. They remains silent and people had drowned, the country was push back with time to time. The people of Pakistan seen themselves drowned with their own eyes, and were watching the game of Condemnation of their coming generation and children.

Zardari in his five-year period of his Government printed five hundred billion dollars of fresh notes and hence it caused fifteen per cent in the value of Pakistani rupee in comparison with dollar. On the other hand the present Prime Minister in the initial period of three months printed six hundred and eighty billion rupees notes and depreciate the rupee value up to thirty-five percent. They show no loyalty with promises which they made before the election. Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) says: “those who do not remains on their words, they have no concern with us”.

If one compare the two governments of looters with the government of Pervez Musharraf it would be clear to the public, which of these three is best for the country and nation. When Pervez Musharraf toppled Nawaz Shareef Government, that the value dollar was worth sixty bucks. And Pervez Musharraf control the value of dollar upto the end of his tenure. After three days of Zardari come into presidency the dollar then give birth to its wings. In the era of Pervez Musharraf materials of daily used were in control rates. While in the periods of the two looters for the poor’s it became difficult to survive. All Pakistanis were not so unhappy, and the who do not happy in his 9-years periods were only the corrupt politicians. Pervez Musharraf did some good decisions and worked of a number of developmental projects, but the only mistake which he made was that “he left the defector of Kargal i.e. Shareef brothers alive and handed over to Saudia Government”. If they were “Hanged” then no one in the country cannot trait the people. Today Pervez Musharraf have not see this day also. However, the game is over. Now let’s talk about the civilian of Pakistan that why they become so anesthetized. These political rope-dancer are playing with lives and desires. The people of Pakistan are like the buffalo either they are eating or sleeping and they ho no interest in the Governmental machinery. The Government apply tax on each and every commodity and material of daily life like, flour, gee, tea, sugar, vetch, rice etc. recently the bombs of electricity & petrol blasts, and they made the people completely paralytic.

If the Nawaz Government completes it five-year tenure, so I think that ten million people out of twenty million will enter into the world of crime. They are trying to make please their IMF and the U.S. leaders for which they made the people to cry tears of blood. He proved himself like safeguard soap against bacterial germs. I'm surprised about the people how they have been used mercilessness but still does not budge.

Listen Pakistani brothers! That the Muslim League (N) destroyed the country badly in each of its period. How many times have you sold to the Jews buried under debt burden, your entire body has auctioned. Now they realizes that this is last time for Government just to clear Pakistan from the surface of earth. Pakistan's mothers, sisters and daughters sell into the hands of the Jews. Do you know that Pakistan's current incompetent government is recognizing Israel in the near future. If have no news of such type in your knowledge then you will heard such type of news in the near future. Such as Jews entered Afghanistan, and they violate the honor of Afghans women and generate their own generation from their women, by the similar way they will also do in Pakistan.

 The idea is to avoid to be safe from such type of problems, don’t obey the Government cruel tax reforms and came out from your homes to start a strike against these reforms. The strike must go to the homes of the cruel people and politician who want such type of reforms in law and taxes. If someone comes in between them Crash also them. So the honor of our mother, sister, and daughter’s would be reserved. Otherwise, everything else will be braided and then you will rub your hands, but nothing you will do then.

Malala is CIA’s Puppet Nothing More

{I have some special words for special people like Malala on special occasion of 9th October, 2013 as Malala day}

On 9th October, 2012 Malala and two of her friends were seriously injured in a pre-planed attack. In a few minutes the news spread around the world and it caused a stir in the American supreme houses. It seemed that this attack was not on Malala but actually this was on the American President Obama. As Obama was aware of the attack, and immediately he call for a press conference and said he condemned this brutal attack and that the America is ready for all type of Malala’s treatment. The press conference reveals that President of the United States is totally free, because thousands of miles away from United Sates in the Swat district of Pakistan for an immature and sixteen years old girl, he calls a press conference in one minute to condemn the attack and show his sympathy with the girl and his family.]

Obama is the President of U.S and even he has no time for Prime minister and also for our president but it seems very weird and meaningful that for such a busy president to call a press conference for Malala.

He is that President Obama, when the U.S forces attack on Salalah Check post in Mohmand Agency of Pakistan and killed a dozen of Pakistani Army soldiers. In-fact, this attack was the attack on Pakistan's liberty and independence, ostensibly the Pakistani parliament, the attack and shouted on U.S Army but nothing happened. Finally, the slave of the U.S. Government in the forms of our country leaders applicant to say at least very sorry for this incident that we were then able to face the public, but Obama replied in a press conference that you are demanding for apologize, and have no time just to condemn the incident because there some terrorist were hide. But for the attack on Malala they have very much time. Why?

What is there so special in Malala, which has caused such a stir in the world?

This is the same Obama who sword tried his best for release of murderer Raymond Davis and he succeeded to release him respectfully from our humiliated law and insulted rulers.

The United Nations is an international organization which does not get time even for sleep willfully. Every day around the world, hundreds or thousands innocence people are victims of a cruel barbarism, Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Iraq etc. the occupying forces tyranny is in full swing. Up till now this busy Organization (UN) did not ever notice of none. But due to attack on Malala the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon has convened a meeting of the Assembly, this is only for the purpose of Ban Ki-moon to condemns the incident. As I told before, that this was a pre-planed incident that’s why the entire world of non-Muslim was alert. The hurry of Ban Ki-moon for the meeting shows that he was the age partner of Malala.

U.S Secretary of state Hilary Clinton also condemns the attack. It is, like former U.S. President George Bush and his wife, Lara Bush also strongly condemned the attack and she was so impressed by the bravery of Malala that she decided to write an article in the Washington Post about the gallantry of Malala. I am worried that why these busiest people left their jobs and fallen with grief for an immature sixteen year girls who have neither family background nor intelligent likezia yousafzai copy Arfa Siddiqi, and she is also living so far away from them in a very backward area of Swat. Well one thing is confirmed that Malala Seller's, un-conscience and cooked CIA’s agent father Zia Uddin, after whose death his role would play by his daughter Malala.

Are these people who are mourning the grief of Malala was the grief of the people, can tell that would they ever Woven sad for a minute about those thousands of innocent civilians who are being killed by the U.S. military around the world every day. No, never on these people this Dajjali Army will celebrate. The rulers and politicians of Pakistan has made the Pakistan so light and hollow, that the Madonna has also kept a close eye on this country. Madonna was singing and dancing in a concert at the time of the attack reported. She stopped the concert for a while and came out and release a press conference, in which she strongly condemned on the attack. When she came back in the concert she gave the name of Malala to her sing i.e. “My name is Malala”. Can someone tell me why Malala is so important for America?

Well it would appear shortly after.

Can someone tell me where it was written the script of the play? I'll tell you, this script was written in the CIA headquarters and its copies were sent to the actors in Pakistan. The Artists were Zardari, Raja Rental (Raja Pervez Ashraf), General Kayani and others. Pakistani people watched the drama but no one praised them but conversely they curse on them. Please consider that the Prime Minister Raja Rental along with politicians in the shape of large procession reached to the hospital. Pakistan’s Chief of Army staff General Keyani in a circle of other military officers reached to the hospital for fame and show. Thousands Malalas were killed in U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan Blackwater bombing has deprived thousands of Malalas from their parents. But no one of the above characters have not regretted with the affected families. The play was directed by the CIA director, and actors perform in such a direction in the director wants to. But there was an error with the director which affected the enjoyment of the drama badly. And the mistake was that there were two other girls also injured with Malala but not one came to hospital to them to ask about their health. The artists were also in hurry and they did not use their common sense, to go to their hospitals and also ask about their treatment. One actor whom the people of Pakistan have given the title of Raja Rental of the entire Pakistan of eighteen million people had been given in the name of Malala, and when Malala is married to a Jew, then the Pakistan would be in his dowry. Pakistan's rulers and politicians who are very high-level coward has given the Allama Iqbal's Pakistan to an immature girl.

For a movement also listen the words of the famous MQM terrorist Altaf Hussain (Adesh Kumar), he was  Speaking on the telephone from London in Karachi Pakistan addressed the scholars and the public to condemn the attack on Malala and his funeral must not be taught who does not condemn and denounce the incident. What fools is this raw pet dog, he is setting in London and give instructions to our Ulima/Scholars. His dirty neck had killed thousands of people in Karachi is this not a terrorism near to this coward man.

On October 12, our Qadiani Interior Minister said with his filthy mouth so filthy that their talks with the Taliban in Waziristan are not valid and operation in Waziristan announced at the same time. On October 13, the Generals of Pakistan Army started operation on Muslims in Waziristan. Nor a single Talib was killed neither caught in this operation, but hundreds of innocent people/civilian including women and children were killed.

As I repeatedly say that Jews and Christians is the Army of Dajjal (the man of evil) are legion and who are with them also the part of Dajjal army. As Pakistan's army and politicians, etc., as well as other nations chiefs and rulers of the Islamic world, such as Afghanistan's government, the Saudi Government, the Qatari government, Kuwait, Iraqy etc, all these are the part of Dajjal (confusion) army and U.S is playing the role of Chief Commander. Here in Pakistan a lot of people served and dedicated their live to promote education in this country, but both neither Pakistan nor America appraised them. The media of the whole world is prepaid and America is the buyer. Each and after every 2 minutes there is something new about Taliban, that Taliban is oppose education in Pakistan, but the real scenario is different. The Taliban have not much time to vast in such type of things, they are busy twenty-four hours in fighting with the enemies of Islam and Muslims.

Sixty-years have passed when the Pakistan separated from India, but still 80% of the Pakistan's population is illiterate. Is this also due to Taliban? The fact that education in Pakistan is so expensive that it is far away from the reach of a common man. All the energy of the public is spent here in financing of politicians to give back IMF loan, then how they can teach to their children? Ninety percent of Pakistan's population live below the poverty level is also because of the Taliban? These are the friends of disbelief (kuffar) and they say terrorist to the friends of Islam. They also forced by Taliban to have friendship with the disbelievers (kuffar)? There is no Talib involved in the attack on Malala, if there is some, then American Taliban group may be expected. Because, according to the instruction they have been restricted that the bullet must surpass the Malala’s head and if there is someone other around her they can indeed intentionally fire the bullets on them to make them injured, as watched in the drama Malala’s two friends were injured and Malala was absolutely secure. Funny thing was “shot in the head” and ran by herself to the helicopter. These idiots made us fool.

Similarly, the U.S. operation in Abbottabad was a drama.

Taliban, who are Islamic fighters. Their moral and behavioral characters are so pious and high that they affected even also the non-muslims and that’s why many Christians embraced Islam. The Taliban is a force of great power who defeated powerful states like Russia and divided it into pieces. Taliban are Momineen like iron pieces and the U.S. is also near to be divide in pieces with the fear of Taliban. There was peace in Afghanistan in the regime of Taliban. Not even the Afghan civilian but also the people of Pakistan were also happy of the peace. The people who does not happy with the Taliban performance were the non-muslims (kuffar). Malala said in an interview in the UK that now she wants to take part in politics, as a politician she wants to serve the people of Pakistan, and for this purpose she will get training from Jewish-Christian Politicians. I suggest to Malala, that not to turn back to Pakistan in her entire life, because here the people/civilian are sitting hungry of her seasonings for food.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The symbolism of rose colors is steeped in tradition. Roses inspired people over thousands of years to develop a language of rose-color. When you choose a rose, variety or number of roses for someone, you are personalizing your gift with deeper emotion. Rose colors can specify your emotion, love, attraction, feelings and opinion towards the person. Here we have arrange a report which can help to guide you to present your feelings/gifts.


1          Red – Rose: Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect, Romantic Love, Congratulations, "I Love You", "Job Well Done", Sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion



2          White – Rose: Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness, "I am worthy of you", Heavenly.


3          Dark Pink -  Rose: Appreciation, Gratitude, "Thank You"


4          Light Pink – Rose: Admiration, Sympathy, Gentleness, Grace, Gladness, Joy, Sweetness.

light pink-rose
5         Yellow – Rose: Hate, Jealousy, Promise of a new beginning, Welcome Back, Remember Me.


6          Orange – Rose: Desire, Enthusiasm.


7          Peach – Rose:  Appreciation, Closing the deal, Let's get together, Sincerity, Gratitude.


8          Coral – Rose: Desire.


9          Lavender – Rose: Love at first sight, Enchantment.


10        Yellow with Red Tip – Rose: Friendship, Falling in Love.

yellow with red tap

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Global Powers and Small Nations........................... (Part-I)

zulf2 copy

(A verse from the famous book of famous politician & writer Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto)

Since the end of the Second World War, a new political situation has developed which, perhaps because it is so evident, is not always seen in its correct perspective and its implications sufficiently understood. Up to now it could be said that the Great Powers are:

  1. The United States of America

  2. The People’s Republic of China

  3. The United Kingdom

  4. France

  5. Germany

  6. The Soviet Union

  7. Japan

  8. Italy

The traditional method of conducting foreign affairs in the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries was by means of regional alliances formed to maintain a balance of power among the grouping of the Great Powers with the assistance of the smaller nations. Peace was preserved by maintaining this very delicate balance, and peace was disturbed only when the balance, at any given time, tilted in favor of one group or the other. In those days, the smaller nations could influence the policy and the alignment of Great Powers by indulging in various political permutations and combinations.


All this has changed today with the emergence of Global Powers which, in addition to having all the attributes of Great Powers in the classical sense, are at the same time much more powerful and play a larger role in determining the destinies of people all over the world. The emergence of these Powers in the last twenty years has changed the whole concept of conducting affairs of state. The task of smaller nations, in which category all the developing nations fall, in determining their relationship with Global Powers and in furthering their national interests has become more complex and difficult. The small nation which does not understand the new rules of diplomacy is doomed to frustration, a sense of helplessness, isolation and, perhaps, eventual extinction. As a developing nation, Pakistan must understand how to conduct its affairs in this new situation.


What is a Great Power today and what was a Great Power only a few decades ago is a distinction worth examining. In the imperial age the area of influence  and  control  of  a  Great  Power  was  regional  rather  than  global. Alexander the Great sought to conquer the world, but his world was a small one.


The Roman legions swept across Europe and parts of Asia and Africa, but there was more to the world than the lands where the mandate of Rome prevailed. Charlemagne held sway over Europe, but the political Europe of his day did not extend to very Far-East. Ghengiz Khan's hordes galloped across Asia and parts of Europe, but their conquests were of no lasting consequence to the world at large. Napoleon dreamt of a world order that met its doom in the ashes of Moscow. Hitler was moved by a similar ambition, but he too was driven back from the gates of Moscow.


From Alexander to Hitler, many a conqueror set out to subjugate the world but failed. Enormous territories in more than one continent did come under the yoke of one imperial Power or another, but not for long. The sun did not set on the vast British Empire, but even at the height of their power the British had to contend with the ambitions of other imperial Powers— notably, those of Spain, France, and Germany—so that the world neither fell under the hegemony of any one imperial Power, nor was divided by a pact between two Super-Powers. At the end of the Second World War, when the Axis Powers were shattered, the Allied armies had the world at their command; but, even before hostilities had ended, the conflict of interests between Allied Powers and Soviet Russia became apparent. The authority of the old imperialist Powers like Britain, France, and the Netherlands had diminished to such an extent that they were soon forced to relinquish their overseas empires. Into this void stepped the only two Powers which had emerged strong and victorious out of the Second World War—the United States and the Soviet Union. Inexorably filling the political vacuum, they pushed forward their areas of influence both in the east and in the west. In the west, they reached and confronted each other in Berlin and central Europe. In the east, the Soviets extended their influence to the Pacific; while the United States moved into Japan and the Philippines, and temporarily bolstered up the dying French Empire in south-east Asia. Since, traditionally, the United States had not been an imperialist Power in the sense of physically occupying foreign territories— except for the Philippines and some dependencies in the Caribbean—and since the Soviet Union, by reason of its doctrine of Marxism, also could not justify physical possession of foreign territory, a new type of struggle  emerged.  This was the beginning of neo-colonialism.  It no longer became necessary to control the destinies of smaller countries by any jurisdiction over their territories.


The main purpose of imperialism was to exploit the resources of the colonies.  Vast territories were divided and distributed among the imperial Powers, which then drained the resources of the subject peoples. With the end of imperialism in its classical form, only the system of exploitation underwent a transformation. As the colonial Powers withdrew from their colonies, the policy of divide and rule became obsolete and was replaced by that of unite and rule to meet the challenge of new times, although to achieve the same objective. The changed conditions necessitated a change in the method.  In  the  past  the colonies  were  exploited  separately  by  each  imperial  Power.  Now that these

Powers have vacated their possessions; it has become necessary for them to merge the resources of the former colonies into groupings for better collective exploitation. As the position of the exploiters has changed, so also it has become necessary to change that of the exploited. Previously the imperial Powers went separately about their missions of exploitation.  Now that they have joined together for their common advantage, it becomes equally necessary for them that their former colonies should pool their resources to facilitate exploitation. The new situation calls for corresponding adjustments both in the former colonies and in the former colonizing countries to make market conditions more suitable for exploitation. Larger markets generate greater exports and imports on terms favorable to the advanced nations of the West. They encourage increased consumption of goods and a more systematic exploitation of resources. They facilitate the manipulation of prices internationally. There are many advantages, most of them accruing to the former colonial Powers. The security interests of the free world are better served, but economic exploitation remains the principal concern. This is the inevitable adjustment in the transition from colonialism to neo-colonialism, which is why our independence remains a myth.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Misbah & Eleven to take a crucial challenge with world No. 1 Team (South Africa)

ISLAMABAD: After losing from Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe, Pakistan’s cricket team, known for its unpredictability, is all ready to take on the world’s number one test side (South Africa), which is surely predictable in dealing her opponents aggressively and with some quality cricket. Loosing from Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe abroad has demoralized the Pakistani Players and also the Cricket but the dream that is yet to come true is thrashing South Africa in Dubai (Sharjha, Neutral venue). South African Team and also the players are in tremendous form and they can cope in any type of situations. They are very strong in all aspects and can beat any team of the world, but the Pakistani Team is popular for its unpredictability.


On the other hand, confidence of the national squad is touching the depth, as it has always been, after losing from a very low test rank side (i.e. Zimbabwe test ranking#9). However, their biggest test will start on October 14. The Sharjha weather conditions and pitches are very much similar to that of Pakistan but the Pakistan team should not take it easy to deal with. The crumbling batting line up of Pakistan will surely be tested by the fast and aggressive pace attack of the visitors.
Pakistan is in very poor position because it had not take to play too much test matches as compare to South Africa and resilient South Africans seems like a roaring loin in test cricket, Pakistan should not take it be a piece of cake.

If we look at the past record, 21 test matches have so far been played between the two sides, of which, ten were won by South Africa and three by Pakistan while seen remained draw. Moreover, out of the eight test series between the two top cricket nations, South Africa bagged five, Pakistan one while two were drawn.
However, this is the time for Pakistan to bounce back to their form and give a tough time to South Africa. Some of the key players are enjoying batting including Captain Misba-ul-Haq, Younus Khan and the young, enthusiastic emerging talent of Junaid Khan, Saeed Ajmal, Abdur Rehman and lanky fast bowler Muhammad Irfan etc.
On slow, and spin wickets of Abu Dhabi, Saeed Ajmal and Abdu Rehman together with the Junaid Khan and Muhammad Irfan could prove to be the lethal weapons for Pakistan. Being a spin bowler performance of Saeed Ajmal from the last few years is outstanding; the confidence should be rocketed high. All they need is to transform that confidence into a really good performance to make history for their side.
The seven feet one Irfan is a wonderful addition to the team having pace and extra bounce, however, it will be interesting to see how Misbah will use him in the test series.
“The team is a nice blend of senior and junior players but the exit of Muhammad Hafeez is beneficial for him and also for the squad to give a chance to the young blood,” said Moin Khan, the Pakistani cricket team manager.
The young cricket who performed well in the domestic season has a very good chance to perform well and prove themselves as the future treasure for Pakistani cricket team. Umar Amin and Shaun Maqsood seems very positive to their selection and they performed well in the domestic season, but now they required to prove themselves on international level. Batting department of the national team has always been a matter of concern especially especially against seam bowler like Dale Styne and Mone Morkel. The performance of some of the players has been praise-worthy in past series against Zimbabwe including Misbah, Younus Khan and Khurram Manzoor, however, it is the time that youngsters including Azhar Ali, Asad Shafiq, Umar Amin and Adnan Akmal will also have to take responsibility and lead from the front.
“There should have been a batting coach with the team as we all know that Pakistan’s batting is weak and if the national side loses, it will only be because of her batting,” said former test cricketer, Zaheer Abbas.
He said South Africa was really a tough side equally good in all three departments including batting, bowling and fielding. Because, they have world No.1 & 2 batsmen i.e. Hashim Amla and AB Deviliars and world fast bowler like Dale Styne. The spin bowling department of South Africa is also not bad they have some quality spin bowler also like Imran Tahir.
The tour will demonstrate where Pakistan stands in test cricket as she will have to play beyond her abilities to defeat a team like South Africa.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Useless Advantage of rupee Depreciation

“Someone’s pain is someone’s gain”. A famous proverb I am quoting here just to enlighten a fact about what’s going here in our lovely country. Policy makers are trying to reduce budget deficit. For this purpose they are using different tools like increase in taxes, printing money and taking loans. The first two tools are reasonable and the last one can be dangerous. But one disadvantage with printing of money is it devalues rupee and as a result inflation increases. Same case is going here in Pakistan, inflation is touching its peaks and rupee is depreciating against US dollar day by day.

The rupee fell sharply against dollar in the currency market during the last month. In the interbank market, rupee lost 61 paisa in relation to dollar for buying at Rs 105.68 and it also fell by 62 paisa for selling at Rs 105.72.In the open market it lost Rs 1.10 versus dollar for buying and selling at Rs 106.70 and Rs 106.90. The rupee also came down sharply in relation to euro, losing RS 3.20 for buying and selling at Rs 143.50 and Rs 143.75.The rupee went down steeply versus the dollar due to some speculative buying of dollars. Since the new government came in to power, the rupee has lost over 7 percent against the dollar. The rupee has touched low level at Rs 107 versus the dollar.

Present situation of rupee have raised many questions and have badly affected Pakistan economy. Import products prices are increasing with increasing rate and people in Pakistan are suffering from this uncertain situation. Anyhow as we know every action has a reaction or every action has some good and bad aspects. Some investors in economy are going to better off. So, can anyone answer me that who will be happy about the deteriorating value of our precious and respected rupee? Yes there are some people in the economy who are happy with deteriorating nature of rupee. Economic theory suggests exporters should be laughing over this phenomenon. While being introduced to economics for the first time, we’ve all been taught that a weaker domestic currency brings down the international price of that country’s exports goods, thus making them more competitive and cheaper in global markets. The demand for domestic products increases and hence it causes to enhance our exports and increase in foreign exchange reserves as well.

On the other hand, imports get dearer. So over time an economy whose currency is dwindling cuts back on imports and boost up exports thus improving its external accounts and creating international demand for its currency. This is also a tool which policy makers use to discourage imports and increase domestic demand for domestic products as well.

But unfortunately in case of Pakistan’s major exports like textiles make known something is wrong. While the rupee is depreciating continuously against US dollar since the start of 2008 and more especially nowadays, the quantity of textile exports has not grown in cycle with the declining worth of the local currency. So what are the main reasons which restrict exports from growth? In textile products many inputs are imported from foreign and stressed value of rupee make them expensive which causes prices of final goods to increase. And hence no positive change in the international market prices of domestic goods which do not attract foreign buyers and exports remain the same. Second reason is political instability and terrorism which discourage foreign investors and compel them to shift their capital outside Pakistan. This affects negatively the overall output level and exports show no positive change. Third and most important reason is energy crisis; reliance on diesel power generators increased and cost of running a factory on a diesel-powered generator is much higher than electricity from the grid. This also results increase in final goods prices and domestic goods become more expensive in international market pushing away buyers and discourages domestic exporters.


By: Muhammad Saqib Yousafzai.