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Malala is CIA’s Puppet Nothing More

{I have some special words for special people like Malala on special occasion of 9th October, 2013 as Malala day}

On 9th October, 2012 Malala and two of her friends were seriously injured in a pre-planed attack. In a few minutes the news spread around the world and it caused a stir in the American supreme houses. It seemed that this attack was not on Malala but actually this was on the American President Obama. As Obama was aware of the attack, and immediately he call for a press conference and said he condemned this brutal attack and that the America is ready for all type of Malala’s treatment. The press conference reveals that President of the United States is totally free, because thousands of miles away from United Sates in the Swat district of Pakistan for an immature and sixteen years old girl, he calls a press conference in one minute to condemn the attack and show his sympathy with the girl and his family.]

Obama is the President of U.S and even he has no time for Prime minister and also for our president but it seems very weird and meaningful that for such a busy president to call a press conference for Malala.

He is that President Obama, when the U.S forces attack on Salalah Check post in Mohmand Agency of Pakistan and killed a dozen of Pakistani Army soldiers. In-fact, this attack was the attack on Pakistan's liberty and independence, ostensibly the Pakistani parliament, the attack and shouted on U.S Army but nothing happened. Finally, the slave of the U.S. Government in the forms of our country leaders applicant to say at least very sorry for this incident that we were then able to face the public, but Obama replied in a press conference that you are demanding for apologize, and have no time just to condemn the incident because there some terrorist were hide. But for the attack on Malala they have very much time. Why?

What is there so special in Malala, which has caused such a stir in the world?

This is the same Obama who sword tried his best for release of murderer Raymond Davis and he succeeded to release him respectfully from our humiliated law and insulted rulers.

The United Nations is an international organization which does not get time even for sleep willfully. Every day around the world, hundreds or thousands innocence people are victims of a cruel barbarism, Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Iraq etc. the occupying forces tyranny is in full swing. Up till now this busy Organization (UN) did not ever notice of none. But due to attack on Malala the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon has convened a meeting of the Assembly, this is only for the purpose of Ban Ki-moon to condemns the incident. As I told before, that this was a pre-planed incident that’s why the entire world of non-Muslim was alert. The hurry of Ban Ki-moon for the meeting shows that he was the age partner of Malala.

U.S Secretary of state Hilary Clinton also condemns the attack. It is, like former U.S. President George Bush and his wife, Lara Bush also strongly condemned the attack and she was so impressed by the bravery of Malala that she decided to write an article in the Washington Post about the gallantry of Malala. I am worried that why these busiest people left their jobs and fallen with grief for an immature sixteen year girls who have neither family background nor intelligent likezia yousafzai copy Arfa Siddiqi, and she is also living so far away from them in a very backward area of Swat. Well one thing is confirmed that Malala Seller's, un-conscience and cooked CIA’s agent father Zia Uddin, after whose death his role would play by his daughter Malala.

Are these people who are mourning the grief of Malala was the grief of the people, can tell that would they ever Woven sad for a minute about those thousands of innocent civilians who are being killed by the U.S. military around the world every day. No, never on these people this Dajjali Army will celebrate. The rulers and politicians of Pakistan has made the Pakistan so light and hollow, that the Madonna has also kept a close eye on this country. Madonna was singing and dancing in a concert at the time of the attack reported. She stopped the concert for a while and came out and release a press conference, in which she strongly condemned on the attack. When she came back in the concert she gave the name of Malala to her sing i.e. “My name is Malala”. Can someone tell me why Malala is so important for America?

Well it would appear shortly after.

Can someone tell me where it was written the script of the play? I'll tell you, this script was written in the CIA headquarters and its copies were sent to the actors in Pakistan. The Artists were Zardari, Raja Rental (Raja Pervez Ashraf), General Kayani and others. Pakistani people watched the drama but no one praised them but conversely they curse on them. Please consider that the Prime Minister Raja Rental along with politicians in the shape of large procession reached to the hospital. Pakistan’s Chief of Army staff General Keyani in a circle of other military officers reached to the hospital for fame and show. Thousands Malalas were killed in U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan Blackwater bombing has deprived thousands of Malalas from their parents. But no one of the above characters have not regretted with the affected families. The play was directed by the CIA director, and actors perform in such a direction in the director wants to. But there was an error with the director which affected the enjoyment of the drama badly. And the mistake was that there were two other girls also injured with Malala but not one came to hospital to them to ask about their health. The artists were also in hurry and they did not use their common sense, to go to their hospitals and also ask about their treatment. One actor whom the people of Pakistan have given the title of Raja Rental of the entire Pakistan of eighteen million people had been given in the name of Malala, and when Malala is married to a Jew, then the Pakistan would be in his dowry. Pakistan's rulers and politicians who are very high-level coward has given the Allama Iqbal's Pakistan to an immature girl.

For a movement also listen the words of the famous MQM terrorist Altaf Hussain (Adesh Kumar), he was  Speaking on the telephone from London in Karachi Pakistan addressed the scholars and the public to condemn the attack on Malala and his funeral must not be taught who does not condemn and denounce the incident. What fools is this raw pet dog, he is setting in London and give instructions to our Ulima/Scholars. His dirty neck had killed thousands of people in Karachi is this not a terrorism near to this coward man.

On October 12, our Qadiani Interior Minister said with his filthy mouth so filthy that their talks with the Taliban in Waziristan are not valid and operation in Waziristan announced at the same time. On October 13, the Generals of Pakistan Army started operation on Muslims in Waziristan. Nor a single Talib was killed neither caught in this operation, but hundreds of innocent people/civilian including women and children were killed.

As I repeatedly say that Jews and Christians is the Army of Dajjal (the man of evil) are legion and who are with them also the part of Dajjal army. As Pakistan's army and politicians, etc., as well as other nations chiefs and rulers of the Islamic world, such as Afghanistan's government, the Saudi Government, the Qatari government, Kuwait, Iraqy etc, all these are the part of Dajjal (confusion) army and U.S is playing the role of Chief Commander. Here in Pakistan a lot of people served and dedicated their live to promote education in this country, but both neither Pakistan nor America appraised them. The media of the whole world is prepaid and America is the buyer. Each and after every 2 minutes there is something new about Taliban, that Taliban is oppose education in Pakistan, but the real scenario is different. The Taliban have not much time to vast in such type of things, they are busy twenty-four hours in fighting with the enemies of Islam and Muslims.

Sixty-years have passed when the Pakistan separated from India, but still 80% of the Pakistan's population is illiterate. Is this also due to Taliban? The fact that education in Pakistan is so expensive that it is far away from the reach of a common man. All the energy of the public is spent here in financing of politicians to give back IMF loan, then how they can teach to their children? Ninety percent of Pakistan's population live below the poverty level is also because of the Taliban? These are the friends of disbelief (kuffar) and they say terrorist to the friends of Islam. They also forced by Taliban to have friendship with the disbelievers (kuffar)? There is no Talib involved in the attack on Malala, if there is some, then American Taliban group may be expected. Because, according to the instruction they have been restricted that the bullet must surpass the Malala’s head and if there is someone other around her they can indeed intentionally fire the bullets on them to make them injured, as watched in the drama Malala’s two friends were injured and Malala was absolutely secure. Funny thing was “shot in the head” and ran by herself to the helicopter. These idiots made us fool.

Similarly, the U.S. operation in Abbottabad was a drama.

Taliban, who are Islamic fighters. Their moral and behavioral characters are so pious and high that they affected even also the non-muslims and that’s why many Christians embraced Islam. The Taliban is a force of great power who defeated powerful states like Russia and divided it into pieces. Taliban are Momineen like iron pieces and the U.S. is also near to be divide in pieces with the fear of Taliban. There was peace in Afghanistan in the regime of Taliban. Not even the Afghan civilian but also the people of Pakistan were also happy of the peace. The people who does not happy with the Taliban performance were the non-muslims (kuffar). Malala said in an interview in the UK that now she wants to take part in politics, as a politician she wants to serve the people of Pakistan, and for this purpose she will get training from Jewish-Christian Politicians. I suggest to Malala, that not to turn back to Pakistan in her entire life, because here the people/civilian are sitting hungry of her seasonings for food.

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