Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pave the way for Pakistan to recognize Israel

U.S capital Washington D.C, which is the headquarter of Dajjal (man of evil deed), in the last Ramadan an Iftar dinner was hosted by a Pakistan couple. In this dinner influential personalities from the United States, Britain and Pakistan were invited. Now one thing which I do not understand that Pakistani are Muslims and taking fastening of Ramadan also, but in the event, British and American personalities have also been invited why? Whatever is the case, one thing was unusual about this event, and the paper was published by anyone in the world did not broadcast any TV channel. By this way many people of are unaware of the conspiracy. With the help of friend news reach late but reached.

US-based friend during video call on Skype, he wanted to expose something about this event during discussion. I was nervous know the details. I asked the friend to e-mail me all the material he knows about the event, and he email me.emb copy

Usually such types of events are common in Europe and the United States holding common people who come from different religions. According to the friend, the unusual event which encountered in that event. The Chief Guest of the party was the Ambassador of U.S in Israel i.e. Michael Orion. Who has no concern with neither with Ramadan nor with Iftar dinner?  This is a very dangerous discovery. The ceremony was arranged by an American based Pakistani billionaire Riffat Mehmood. Riffat Mehmood has access anywhere in U.S or somewhere in Pakistan or other places including White House without restriction. In Pakistan he has deep relations with the leaders of each and every party, such like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. According to my friend that this event was apparently a retro party but it has a big conspiracy against Pakistan. Because in the function beside the important personalities of Pakistan some other embassy officials stationed there at embassy also participated, i.e.  representative of Pakistan Army, Defense Attaché Brigadier and other high level ranked people. During Iftar dinner Riffat Mehmood Iftar directed the photographers not make photo of the type in which Pakistani Brigadier & Israeli ambassadors standing besides each other. It is astonishing that there were journalists who were present at the event but they did not publish the news in Pakistan news papers. Why not the news were  deliver to the people of Pakistan? Perhaps they have fear of death or either they have sold their senses.

My friend told me that the presence of Israeli Ambassador in the event did not surprise me at all but after hearing Israeli ambassador's speech, hearing then I understand the purpose of the conduct of the event. My friend do not told me the whole speech but he deliver me few important points/things.

Michael Orion, Israeli ambassador said that Pakistan is an important and influential country in South Asia. For better relations between Israel and the Islamic world, the West plays a vital role, and this I can say with full confidence, that Pakistan can play an important role to build confidence  between Israel and Islamic world. Michael Orion also told on Palestine issue “fruitful dialogues are in progress and meeting with Palestinian representatives which will unveiled a comprehensive strategy soon”. It would be very fruitful to establish peace in the Middle East. And that his country, gives great preference to Pakistan in the international community. The Israeli government desires to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan, and I hope that the diplomatic relations between Israel and Pakistan very soon. It is a unique type of addressed which the Israeli Ambassador share with the Pakistani Officials.

Is Pakistan planes to recognize Israel?

The leaders of Pakistan are not Muslims?

Allah Almighty has blessed interpretation; “Oo! People, don’t make Jews and Christians your partner, they have very tight relations between them, and if you tried to make them partners then you will also count between them”. (Al-Maida, Verse-51)

If the Pakistani Government recognizes Israeli Government, then our country will come under victims of Almighty Allah always and forever.

So if something like that, the government should avoid it.

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