Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wake up Pakistan...................... Save the dignity of your Mothers, sisters, daughters


Today I am going to write, right or wrong. I realize myself excited perhaps beyond the scope of conduct. For which I am sorry in advance.

Like me, many Pakistanis feels a big shock when someone cheated once and a while someone betrayed him again. The civilian of Pakistan seems just like that. When I heard the success of Nawaz Shahrif in the May general elections my hearten was sinking and I wanted to hurt my head with mourn. This thing is a certified and true that Nawaz has take success due to rigging and fraud in the election achieve the power of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Few days ago NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) proved the rigging in election with evidences. After achieving the powers of Prime Minister work has been started on depredation projects. The people of Pakistan are well aware of the achievement of the Nawaz last regimes. I agree that the majority of the people did not vote for Muslim League (N), but no vigorous protest against rigging/fraud from public side made ​​the public as scapegoat of the Flesher. The people who were around Nawaz Shareef in his last regime have looted the country and nation with both the hands and the public remains silent.

For the second time again when he came in to power then he started auctions of the Government organizations. The public were again silent, God bless Pervez Musharraf that he was as inversely proportional to these looters and he overthrow on them.

In the Five-year regime of the People's Party, they were sitting in the Assembly as friendly opposition in the friendly opposition. It was in fact commissioned opposition. Including Zardari when the people’s party looted someone they divide equal share among themselves. They remains silent and people had drowned, the country was push back with time to time. The people of Pakistan seen themselves drowned with their own eyes, and were watching the game of Condemnation of their coming generation and children.

Zardari in his five-year period of his Government printed five hundred billion dollars of fresh notes and hence it caused fifteen per cent in the value of Pakistani rupee in comparison with dollar. On the other hand the present Prime Minister in the initial period of three months printed six hundred and eighty billion rupees notes and depreciate the rupee value up to thirty-five percent. They show no loyalty with promises which they made before the election. Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) says: “those who do not remains on their words, they have no concern with us”.

If one compare the two governments of looters with the government of Pervez Musharraf it would be clear to the public, which of these three is best for the country and nation. When Pervez Musharraf toppled Nawaz Shareef Government, that the value dollar was worth sixty bucks. And Pervez Musharraf control the value of dollar upto the end of his tenure. After three days of Zardari come into presidency the dollar then give birth to its wings. In the era of Pervez Musharraf materials of daily used were in control rates. While in the periods of the two looters for the poor’s it became difficult to survive. All Pakistanis were not so unhappy, and the who do not happy in his 9-years periods were only the corrupt politicians. Pervez Musharraf did some good decisions and worked of a number of developmental projects, but the only mistake which he made was that “he left the defector of Kargal i.e. Shareef brothers alive and handed over to Saudia Government”. If they were “Hanged” then no one in the country cannot trait the people. Today Pervez Musharraf have not see this day also. However, the game is over. Now let’s talk about the civilian of Pakistan that why they become so anesthetized. These political rope-dancer are playing with lives and desires. The people of Pakistan are like the buffalo either they are eating or sleeping and they ho no interest in the Governmental machinery. The Government apply tax on each and every commodity and material of daily life like, flour, gee, tea, sugar, vetch, rice etc. recently the bombs of electricity & petrol blasts, and they made the people completely paralytic.

If the Nawaz Government completes it five-year tenure, so I think that ten million people out of twenty million will enter into the world of crime. They are trying to make please their IMF and the U.S. leaders for which they made the people to cry tears of blood. He proved himself like safeguard soap against bacterial germs. I'm surprised about the people how they have been used mercilessness but still does not budge.

Listen Pakistani brothers! That the Muslim League (N) destroyed the country badly in each of its period. How many times have you sold to the Jews buried under debt burden, your entire body has auctioned. Now they realizes that this is last time for Government just to clear Pakistan from the surface of earth. Pakistan's mothers, sisters and daughters sell into the hands of the Jews. Do you know that Pakistan's current incompetent government is recognizing Israel in the near future. If have no news of such type in your knowledge then you will heard such type of news in the near future. Such as Jews entered Afghanistan, and they violate the honor of Afghans women and generate their own generation from their women, by the similar way they will also do in Pakistan.

 The idea is to avoid to be safe from such type of problems, don’t obey the Government cruel tax reforms and came out from your homes to start a strike against these reforms. The strike must go to the homes of the cruel people and politician who want such type of reforms in law and taxes. If someone comes in between them Crash also them. So the honor of our mother, sister, and daughter’s would be reserved. Otherwise, everything else will be braided and then you will rub your hands, but nothing you will do then.

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